Woody Woodpecker

We had another 4-5 inches of snow last night on top of the 6+ inches we had on Sunday. The heavy snow is bringing out the birds looking for a snack. This guy was doing some hammering in the back yard. Woody the Woodpecker

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Snow Day!

About six inches for fresh snow fell last night and continues today. Lexi loves chasing snowballs, sticking her nose in the snow and chasing Janie on the sled.

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Changes to Dogstar website

Be sure to check out some new updates to images tab which now includes views from my new all sky camera. You can see the current image and a time lapse of all images taken the night before. We are also waiting on a new weather station so the data is not being updated...

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Upgrades to Dogstar website

Dogstar weather will be down for the next couple of weeks as I wait on a new weather station to be delivered. Hopefully this one will be more accurate on rainfall rates and more reliable overall - stay tuned. I also am replacing the old consumer webcams with Unifi...

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Orion Nebula

I took a quick black & white image of Orion during a very brief interval of clear skies Thursday night. I posted it on Astrobin - a popular site for astrophotographers to share images. You can click here to see it along with annotations that Astrobin provides of...

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A Christmas comet

Ken and I have been trying to grab photos of Comet C/2021 A1 (Leonard) over the past week and finally had success last night. In case you have not heard, comet Leonard is a very long period comet and only circles the Sun about every 80,000 years. It was discovered by...

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Comet Leonard captured!

Ken Bowden got up early this morning and managed to capture some great photos of Comet Leonard and nearby deep sky objects. His notes and photos below. "I was up early this morning at the helipad with my telescope to capture comet Leonard. We are expecting cloudy...

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Try to see Comet Leonard

If you want to get up early and have a clear view of the eastern horizon you might want to try and get a glimpse of comet C/2021 A1 Leonard. Check this link for details on when and where to see it. It's not bright enough to be visible to the naked eye but should be...

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Blood moon

I managed to grab some pictures this morning around maximum eclipse. Since this was partial eclipse, a tiny sliver of the moon is still getting almost full sunlight. The rest is only illuminated by "Earth shine" which is sunlight that is filtered by the Earth's...

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