Mercury transit Monday morning

Monday morning starting around 7:30 and lasting until 1:10, Mercury will cross the face of the Sun as seen from Earth. Some of you may recall when we viewed the last Venus transit from the helicopter pad back in June of 2012. While Venus transits are relatively rare...

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Fall colors on trail 40

What a difference a day makes - Saturday was rainy and dreary followed by crystal clear Balsam skies and gorgeous fall colors on Sunday. Hopefully we have another week or so to enjoy it.

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A late, cold lunar eclipse

I am sure you have heard there will be a total lunar eclipse on the evening of the 20th and morning of the 21st. Unlike a total solar eclipse when a precise alignment causes the moon's shadow to fall on the Earth, a lunar eclipse is a more common occurrence when the...

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from Dogstar Observatory. It was great to see everyone at the party last night. The club staff did an outstanding job as always. Unfortunately the weather has severely limited our stargazing activities over the holidays. Hopefully there will be some...

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