Infrared eyes

The guy showed up on one of our security cameras last week. Night vision security cameras have infrared LEDs that illuminate scenes at night. The deer’s eyes reflect the light back to the camera making them seem to glow in the dark.

Rocky steals bird feeder!

When we came back from out of town on Sunday we noticed a missing humming bird feeder on the deck. It had obviously fallen to the ground and as I picked up the broken plastic pieces I was wondering if it had been dislodged by a strong wind. I thought I would look at...

Buck in the backyard

This young fellow was munching on a Rhododendron bush when Lexi saw him and went crazy. He just stared at her for a while and then pranced off. Odocoileus virginianus

Woody Woodpecker

We had another 4-5 inches of snow last night on top of the 6+ inches we had on Sunday. The heavy snow is bringing out the birds looking for a snack. This guy was doing some hammering in the back yard. Woody the Woodpecker

Snow Day!

About six inches for fresh snow fell last night and continues today. Lexi loves chasing snowballs, sticking her nose in the snow and chasing Janie on the sled.

October Rainbows

October seems to be the month that the combination of sun angle and weather patterns create the ideal conditions for rainbows at Balsam. When the sun came out after heavy rains this morning, we saw this looking from our deck toward Water Rock Knob. OLYMPUS DIGITAL...