Buzzard attack!

I was working in the observatory last week and looked and saw what looked like a large flock of buzzards circling. After a couple of minutes they all headed off to the south west. Do they migrate for the winter?

Bear and service berries

Mr. (or Mrs.) bear paid us a visit early Tuesday morning. There are four service berry trees around the house and they are loaded with ripe berries. I have been picking them – they taste like blueberries – or shaking the limbs to get them off so bears will...

Hail storm!

Baslam was pounded by an intense hail storm yesterday starting around 1:00 PM and lasting for a good 30 minutes. We had piles of hailstones in the yard, on the deck and especially around the downspouts. Leaves on trees were shredded to bits and it sounded like it was...

Raging waterfall

Licklog Creek was flowing brown and over the roadway this past Monday after a downpour at BMP. The Dogstar rain gauge was off line but judging by water levels it was several inches per hour.

Homemade disinfectant wipes

We have been practicing social distancing for over a week at Dogstar Observatory and forgot to bring wipes from Atlanta. On a recent trip to Lowes to find some disinfectant (they were sold out of most household cleaning stuff) I did find a shelf full of a product...